As the recognized leader in the “Warning Systems” industry, SafetyCom, Inc. offers outdoor warning sirens and industrial communications equipment along with professional installation, technical services and factory trained support.

SafetyCom has achieved it’s success by encompassing a client driven “Team Philosophy.” It is our commitment to provide the best equipment and services available while achieving the desired balance between quality, cost management, and expeditious scheduling without sacrificing any of the three. We offer a variety of products and services including Outdoor or Industrial Warning Systems, Telephone Notification, GIS Services, Project Management, Continuing Education and Emergency Preparedness/Homeland Security Consulting. Public Safety is a serious business to us. We do not take our jobs lightly and expect our customers to count on our products and services without hesitation for years to come.

Homeland Security:

Being prepared to respond to the needs of the public during an emergency is an extraordinary responsibility, one that has become more important since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. SafetyCom’s team of professionals can help you design a comprehensive emergency alerting system to warn your citizens in the event of terrorism. Read more

National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

Typical Costs:

We have made available several cost scenarios to show you the typical costs for Community Warning Sirens, Industrial Communication Systems and other
products on our pricing page.

Figures reflect list pricing.

Shipping and taxes are not included

Prices are subject to change.Pri

Spotlight on Projects:

Over the past two years, SafetyCom has been awarded two of the largest contracts for siren systems in recent history including a $4.5 million dollar contract in Oklahoma City and a $2.8 million dollar contract in Fort Worth, Texas.

Oklahoma City

Fort Worth

Tempe, Arizona

Standard systems – Special Applications

In addition to community and industrial applications, SafetyCom's technical
staff specializes in custom application projects to include:

  • Military Applications (domestic and deployed)
    • Nuclear Power Facility Warning Systems
    • US Military Giant Voice Systems
    • Industrial Perimeter Warning
    • Dam Failure Alerting
    • Campus Warning Systems
    • U.S. Government C.S.E.P.P.
    • Tsunami Warning
    • Volunteer Fire Call Sirens
No project is to big or small. Tell us about your warning system needs and we'll work closely with you to produce the solutions. We have a great deal of experience in special applications.

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