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SafetyCom and Whelen offer:
SafetyCom and Whelen offer:

RELIABILITY: SafetyCom can design an installation to withstand Mother Nature’s harshest conditions. In the event of a power outage, Whelen sirens will operate intermittently for up to three days without charging of the batteries. Whelen electronics are hand graded and matched to withstand the harshest outdoor environments and ensure quality.

FLEXIBILITY: Whelen’s modular design allows the flexibility of incorporating your existing sirens into a forward thinking, fully expandable warning system. Whelen’s activation protocol offers better control of your system. For example you may select with a touch of one button, all of the sirens, a group of sirens you select, or a single siren utilizing multiple methods of activation.

EFFICIENCY: Whelen’s SI-TEST® allows an operator the ability to silently test the system on a daily basis without alerting the public. This test gives you peace of mind knowing your system is fully operational before severe weather strikes. Equipped with the solar option, your Whelen system will harness the power of the sun to keep its battery system fully charged. Even connecting your system to AC power for means of battery charging is economical. The Whelen current draw is less than 2 amps or a little more than a 100-watt light bulb. Electro-mechanical sirens draw up to a pricey 240 Volts AC and are not practical for solar applications due to their high current draw.

PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: SafetyCom’s technical staff will provide your community with the security of a professionally designed system; specifically tailored to meet FEMA guidelines and your individual needs.

SERVICE AND SUPPORT: All Whelen products are backed by the best warranty in the business. As an Authorized Whelen Service Center, SafetyCom offers prompt, professional service by factory trained service technicians to maintain every system we sell as well as your existing Whelen system.

If you’re interested in the most reliable, up-to-date warning systems and the service that comes with them, contact us to find out why Whelen Engineering and SafetyCom, Inc. are the first name in public warning.

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